Unistorm Sun Object

I am currently using Unistorm in a multi scene game that has one outdoor scene and several indoor scenes.

I have attached the Unistorm object to a singleton that persists from scene to scene and it works almost perfectly. This allows the unistorm time keeping system and weather generation to maintain state and properly resume when the player returns to the outdoor scene. The only problem is when the scene changes, the Unistorm Sun Object is removed from the environmental lighting SUN parameter. No other environmental lighting variables change, only this one. When this happens, night time in the outdoor scene use the brightest light (moon) as the sun creating an unrealistic \”bright blue\” night sky.

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One thought on “Unistorm Sun Object

  • Will

    Hey there,

    This isn’t a bug, but a limitation to the Unity game engine. Unity doesn’t allow us to access the Environmental Lighting via code so we have no way of offering a solution. The API to set the sun object doesn’t exist making it impossible until they do. This isn’t just UniStorm, but every asset or system that needs this API. There is talk of Unity adding the API with the next version or so. Hopefully this is the case so we can offer a proper solution.