Emerald 1.2 Status Update – 2/12/2016

Emerald 1.2 is Nearly Finished

We have to do some final testing, finish writing the Player Health and Player Weapon Editors (nearly finished), and finish the Example Player System script and editor, then Emerald 1.2 will be submitted.


Emerald Wiki

While Emerald AI is in the submission process, we will be redoing the Wiki site. This will update the Emerald Wiki with all the 1.2 features as well as proper documentation and tutorial video. For an example of how we will be doing the Emerald documentation, see our UniStorm documentation here: http://unistorm-weather-system.wikia.com/wiki/Documentation


Emerald Editor

The last couple of days we finished the serialization of the Emerald Editor allowing for redo, undo, and multi-object editing for every variable in the Emerald Editor. We also added a visual range for the stopping distance with an adjustable color. The Emerald Editor and Emerald System portion are now finished.


Player Weapon Script

The Player Weapon script needed some improvements in both simplicity and functionality. We added some new features such as attack sounds (for any attack sound with a max up to 20 all picked randomly) and attack delay (to help better match custom animations). We also made an editor for the Player Weapon script. This makes it easier to use and understand with the help boxes explaining each and every variable. There is still a little work to be done with it, but it’s nearly finished. We plan on categorizing everything into tabs like we did with the Emerald Editor.


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