Emerald AI 1.2 Status Update – 2/08/2016

Breeding Options

We have added Breeding Options to the Editor for Emerald 1.2. The Breeding Options allow you to control everything breeding related for that specific animal. As for right now, only Passive Animal Types are supported. We will be adding support for all animals, including dynamic breeding for wandering animals, with Emerald 1.3.
Breeding Options Editor


The Breeding System Explained

The above video is from a few months ago, but it shows the Breeding System in action.


Emerald will support 4 animals that can be bred on a probability chart of Common 50%, Uncommon 35%, Rare 10%, and Super Rare 5%. Animals must be “breed compatible”. This is done by having the same Breed Type. The times set in the video are set to 5 seconds form baby to adult and a 5 second breed cool down for demonstration purposes. This could be anything desirable from minutes to hours.


These odds can be tweaked based on each animal. So, for example, if you have a rare animal born, that rare animal can be more likely to have an animal of its color, type, rarity, etc. You will be able to label 4 animals as either Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Super Rare. You will then assign the prefabs for each rarity and Emerald will handle the rest.


This same system can be used in the wild for creating dynamic animals. These animals will also use the Breeding Odds system that can really add to games feeling dynamic.


Breeding doesn’t have to be based off rarity or it can be disabled entirely.┬áThe chart below shows an example of the odds system Emerald 1.2 will be using. The colors of these animals, and the rarity, are the same ones used in the video above. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. Feedback is always appreciated.


Note: Colors are only used to help distinguish the differences between the rarities. These can be anything desirable from crossbreeds to the same type of animal.


Emerald 1.2 Breeding Odds

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