What is Andromeda Hologram System?

Andromeda is a system that can easily turn any 3D model into a AAA hologram effect. The system includes some effects and static to add disruption or distortion to your holograms as well as some hologram textures. Two other systems are also included for 2D Holograms and flickering monitor effects. All systems have custom editors to tweak every setting to create the exact hologram effect to suit your needs. You can adjust the tint color, static speed, static amount, and more. Andromeda looks great, performs efficiently, (also works on mobile) and can pretty much find a place in any game.



Andromeda has many features making it easy to add hologram effects to your games. For more information on Andromeda’s features, see the link below to see the official Andromeda on the Unity Forums.

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