What is Emerald AI?

Emerald AI is an easy to use AI system that creates dynamically wandering animals, enemies, and NPCs. With the behavior system, you choose if the AI is a Wild, Farm, or Aggressive. The Wild setting will flee if their flee tag is within distance. The Farm setting will not flee, but wander dynamically within their given wandering distance. The Aggressive setting will attack players and other AI if the set conditions are met. All AI using Emerald will have dynamically generated waypoints. These dynamically generated waypoints allow the AI to freely roam and graze within their Wander Radius. However, if a Wild animal’s/NPC flee tag is met within their flee radius, they will flee instead of graze.



Emerald has many features to create the perfect AI (Animal, Creature, NPC, etc) for your games. It takes less than 10 seconds to create an AI using Emerald. All you have to do is apply Emerald to an object and set its animations. For more information and all of Emerald’s features, see the link below to see the official Emerald AI on the Unity Forums.

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You can purchase a copy of Emerald AIĀ from the Official Unity Asset Store.

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Animal Fight

Defensive AI

Defenive Attacking Player