UniStorm Mobile 2.1.2 has been Submitted – 2/09/2016

UniStorm Mobile 2.1.2 has been submitted. This will make UniStorm Mobile equivalent to UniStorm Desktop.

This update brings tons of improvements, the Climate Generation System, and Auto Player Setup. Here’s a run down of all the new features and fixes that UniStorm Mobile 2.1.2 brings.

Auto Player Setup:
Auto Player Setup works by auto spawning, assigning, placing, and positioning all needed UniStorm components for custom players. It then gets the player’s camera and assigns it to UniStorm with the necessary settings. Lastly, it will automatically assign all these components to UniStorm. This process takes just 1 second and saves users time from having to do it manually.

Climate Generation:
UniStorm’s Climate Generator makes it easy to generate a realistic climate to suit your terrain/environment’s needs. It works by generating realistic climates based off of real-world data. This includes Precipitation, realistic Seasonal Temperatures with seasonal averages generation, weather odds (deserts have less rain and rainforests have more), starting weather, starting season, and much more. This will all be generated according to realistic real-world data according to the specific Climate, but will be different every time. This is all done with the click of a button and UniStorm does the rest.

There are 5 Climates to choose from Random, Rainforest, Desert, Mountainous, and Grasslands (with more to come).

Climate Zones:
While climate generation for a whole terrain is great, some of you have requested having controllable factors for specific areas of your terrain. This is why we are also creating a new system called Climate Zones. It will work by using trigger areas to switch climates. When your players hit these Climate Zones, it changes UniStorm’s climate. So, if your terrain has a mountain section, and you’d like the climate to be Mountainous, you would simple generate a Mountainous Climate Zone for your mountains and place the zone over your mountains. When your player exits, or enters a new Climate Zone, UniStorm can then switch to it. Multiple Climate Zones can be used throughout your terrain allowing.

Advanced UniStorm Interface:
The new UniStorm UI allows you to see UniStorm’s components such as Date, Time, Weather, Temperature, Season, and Moon Phase all with text and icons. This of course is completely optional and will simply be an additional demo that’s included.

Improved Weather and Effects:
We have gone through and fine tuned all weather effects, fading in and out algorithms, and even tweaked the cloud shaders all to allow for better looking weather. Precipitation weather types’ clouds have also been tweaked to allow for greatly improved fading in and out.

Improved Sun and God Rays:
We have redone the way UniStorm’s sun is done allowing for greatly improved looking sun and god rays.

New Features:
* Alien Climate Generator – Generates a randomized alien-like climate with extreme temperatures, randomized color values, and other settings that may only be found on alien planets.
* Added Reset Default Colors and Settings to the Editor. This will reset all of UniStorm’s settings and colors to the colors we used in our demos.
* Included advanced UniStorm UI controller from the UniStorm 2.1 Webplayer Demo
* Added option specifically for UFPS under Auto Player Setup
* Added Climate Zone to the Windows>UniStorm menu
* Added UniStorm Video Tutorials to the Windows>UniStorm menu
* Added a visual boundaries for Weather Zones and Climate Zones
* Added the option to adjust the colors of the boundaries for Weather Zones and Climate Zones

Fixes and Improvements:
* Updated shaders to be compatible with Unity 5.3
* Fixed references to UniStorm Mobile when importing the UniStorm Desktop folder independently.
* Updated UniStorm Editor to Unity 5 API to properly detect changes made to the Editor. This was causing some issues with some settings not being saved if UniStorm was the only thing being altered in a scene.
* Fixed Dynamic Wind from stuttering when transitioning the wind for storms. This is now done seamlessly.
* Balanced rain transitions to better fade when switching to non-precipitation weather types.
* Improved Dynamic Wind
* Fixed flickering sun issue that was happening to some users
* Fixed weird cloud rendering issue that was happening to some
* Weather GUI controls now opens with the U key instead of the F12 key
* Fixed an issue where the desktop was referencing the mobile mouse look instead of the desktop version
* Removed DisableUnderWater example script from player prefabs (this is an included demo script that isn’t currently used but is helpful for those who need it)
* Fixed a minor issue with the UniStorm Basic Prefab some users were having
* Fixed an issue where sometimes a Weather Zone wouldn’t spawn after using the Windows>UniStorm menu
* Fixed UniStorm and UniStorm Objects from spawning in arbitrary positions when using Windows>UniStorm menu. UniStorm and its tools now spawn at 0,0,0
* Added Storm Cloud color changing to the Editor
* Fixed rain sound not being faded for heavy snow
* Fixed rain sound and wind weren’t being faded for light snow
* Fixed Moon shader, stars no longer appear in front of moon.
* Improved moon shader
* Fixed Fog not affecting clouds
* Increased Sun Intensity by 4 in the UniStorm Editor
* Added Twilight Color option to editor (this fixes the transition to night and morning being too dark).
* Star brightness can now be adjusted via the star brightness color control in the Editor
* Star shader has been rewritten allowing for non-visibly tiling stars
* Improved sun shafts
* Clouds are now affected by sun shafts

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